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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing starbucks partner benefits

Instructions and Help about starbucks partner benefits

Okay so this is typically like what your girl is rocking at work other than the fact that my hair would be in a ponytail and I don't know like you can actually like see my apron and I like to switch it up I mean I do rock turtlenecks and I have them in almost every color that's in the dress code but anyways hey everyone and welcome back to my channel this is your first time seeing my face welcome in general my name is vit or vit ria vet for short and today I'm gonna be talking about Starbucks I've been working at Starbucks for about 2 and 1/2 weeks maybe that's probably a lie it's probably only been like a week and a half but regardless I actually love my job and I'd love to talk about it on my channel if you haven't already seen the other video because you are new I have previously worked at Victoria's Secret I do have a little really really long video almost like 35 minutes long I think about like what it's like to work there and it's still not as detailed as it could be but I tried my best to pras much information that I possibly could and so I kinda want to do the same thing about Starbucks because that's another pretty I want to say common but uncommon job that I feel like a lot of people go for or that they have questions about before they go for so I just want to share the knowledge on my channel and I was gonna wear my hat throughout the video but I wasn't feeling it it just didn't look as cute but I might still keep my apron on because I need to wash it but I just figured it for the aesthetics of it also I might like zoom my camera out a little bit so y'all can see the little mermaid not the little mermaid but you know my girl I haven't named her I was gonna give her a name but I haven't thought of one yet I was gonna call her siren because I feel like sirens are better than mermaids but anyways let's get into what this video is about okay so even though you guys can't see my girl I'm a producer it's for the aesthetics of it all you know Starbucks so after getting hired there's this thing called training that you have to go to and what they told me during my interview especially because I had no coffee experience as my supervisor or one of my supervisors was reading on my resume and everything she was like oh you have any coffee experience and I was like no she was like okay well trade about two to three weeks and after training you take a certification test and if you pass then you're officially a barista and I was like okay but cool.


How can a Starbucks partner qualify for the college tuition benefit? Does one need to hit a specific number of hours a week?
How can a Starbucks partner qualify for the college tuition benefit? Does one need to hit a specific number of hours a week? Is being a barista at Starbucks good for a first job? Do you use a different name at Starbucks? If so, why, and what is the name? How do Starbucks employees feel about customers willing to pay a substantial premium for their coffee? Why do Starbucks employees (always, everywhere) seem so happy? Which company has the best marketing? What are some tips for being hired at Starbucks? How much do you get paid to work at Starbucks? What is your favorite part about being a Starbucks partner?
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