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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Starbucks partner benefits

Instructions and Help about Starbucks partner benefits

You've probably heard that health insurance in the United States is changing. We will all have new choices and responsibilities. But don't panic. Starbucks is here to help. This video will help you understand the changes and what you need to do. The most important change for most of us is that beginning in 2022 the Affordable Care Act will require most Americans to have health insurance or else pay a tax penalty. So, let's set aside all the noise about health care reform and focus on just what you need to do and when. You need to have health insurance by January 1st. For partners that are eligible for benefits, the sign-up period for the Starbucks plans is in August. For most other options it's between October and December. At Starbucks we're proud to continue to offer comprehensive, affordable health insurance. Health care reform doesn't change that. So, all of us need to health care insurance. Many of us are already covered so health care reform will not impact you significantly. But let's take a closer look. To be eligible for coverage through Starbucks, you must meet the benefits eligibility requirement which is working an average of 20 hours a week. If you meet this requirement, your choices are probably as simple as choosing to be on a plan from a family member or signing up for a Starbucks plan. It's as simple as that. If you do not meet this eligibility requirement, it's important to learn more about options created by the Affordable Care Act in a new insurance marketplace. We'll get to more about that later. Some partners may be eligible for some less common options. But most of us will choose from the primary three options: through a spouse or parent, through through Starbucks or shopping for coverage on an insurance marketplace. Once what you know what your options are, you choose the level of coverage that is most comfortable to you. There are two main things to understand when shopping for health insurance: premiums and cost sharing. You pay premiums each month. If you're in enrolled in a Starbucks plan, premiums are deducted from your paycheck. Cost-sharing, such as copays and deductibles, is when you and your health insurance plan each pay a portion for the health services you receive. The Affordable Care Act rates a health plan by the value of the coverage you have through your plan as gold, silver or bronze. A gold plan covers at least 80 percent of a person's typical health care costs. A silver plan at least 70 percent. A bronze plan at least 60 percent. In all cases the Affordable Care Act requires that health plans meet certain coverage level minimums and have premium rates that are affordable. Starbucks offers partners a choice in gold and silver health plans. If you're not eligible for Starbucks benefits, here's the information you need to know. An insurance marketplace is a government regulated online site where you can compare and shop for health insurance plans from many health plan options. If you're eligible for Medicaid in your state, the insurance marketplace will show you that option as well. When people purchase health insurance on the ...


How can a Starbucks partner qualify for the college tuition benefit? Does one need to hit a specific number of hours a week?
How can a Starbucks partner qualify for the college tuition benefit? Does one need to hit a specific number of hours a week?nIs being a barista at Starbucks good for a first job?nDo you use a different name at Starbucks? If so, why, and what is the name?nHow do Starbucks employees feel about customers willing to pay a substantial premium for their coffee?nWhy do Starbucks employees (always, everywhere) seem so happy?nWhich company has the best marketing?nWhat are some tips for being hired at Starbucks?nHow much do you get paid to work at Starbucks?nWhat is your favorite part about being a Starbucks partner?n
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