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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Starbucks red cup reddit

Instructions and Help about Starbucks red cup reddit

With three major hurricanes hitting the United States in just the span of a month gee I wonder what could be causing that we've seen the effect of fear on the economy in ways that we haven't in decades so let's take this opportunity to discuss supply demand and how panic can destroy the economy if left unchecked before we get into the nitty-gritty we're gonna need a way to visualize what we're gonna talk about which means we're gonna need to use a supply and demand graph wait hold on don't click away just yet I promise you it's not as boring as you think experiences may vary in order to set up a supply and demand graph you need to mind your P's and Q's that is price and quantity next you'll put the supply line simply known as s and in the opposite direction demand or D the D goes down yes I'm aware of the innuendo and now so are you which is why you'll never forget it and that's it we don't have to put any numbers or anything like that at least not for the purposes of this video if you really want to get into how all the numbers and stuff work might I suggest a college microeconomics course I actually really don't recommend that don't don't do that all you really have to know is that as you go this way the price goes up and as you go this way the quantity goes up so intuitively as you move this way along the supply line companies are willing to make and sell more of a product because of the higher price and obviously as you go along the demand line the lower the price the more people are willing to buy this spot right here is the important bit it's called the equiprice this is the ideal price where everything that is made is sold there's nothing left on the shelves and there are no people who want to buy it but can't as with most of the economics this is just a concept and never really happens in practice there will always be extra on the Shelf or people going home disappointed that's just life but there you go that's as in-depth as we're gonna get when it comes to supply and demand graphs I told you wouldn't be that painful another fairly simple concept that I've left out on my previous videos on economics much to the annoyance of several commenters is scarcity this is the idea that there's only a finite amount of something it's pretty simple which is why I left it out if you haven't figured this out by now my videos aren't exactly geared towards children I assume you have some sort of base knowledge coming into the but scarcity is fairly important especially when it comes to supply and demand there's only so many or so much of a product so they.


How should Starbucks react to criticism over red holiday cups?
Starbucks did react with a post / press release on their website.The Story Behind the Design of Starbucks 2022 Red CupsOh... and carefully count all the money from all the sales generated by the holiday rollout with the most media/consumer awareness ever.
Starbucks: For the free drink, they say however I like it. Can I just ask them to fill up a trienta cup with only macha power?
Sure, you can ask them that. They may or may not actually fulfill it, depending on how saucy your barista is feeling, or what sort of sense of humour the manager has. It wouldn't be the first time someone has ordered an outrageously expensive drink, and it probably won't be the last.From this:To this:Man Sets New Record For Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Order EverAnd then this:Woman Sets New Record For The Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Order Ever
How do I fill out a Starbucks job application?
Go online to Starbucks • The Best Coffee and Espresso Drinks and click on the careers tab on the bottom. You will be directed to create an account. From there you can fill out the application, and even select where you want to work. The store that is hiring will call you or email so stay tuned. If after a month you hear nothing you can send out your application again.
How do the Digg and Reddit algorithms work, and how do they compare in their effectiveness to fish out the best content?
Here's the Reddit ranking algorithm: http://www.teamrubber.com/blog/t...Here's the Hacker News ranking algorithm: http://news.ycombinator.com/item...I don't know Digg's, but it's of a different form: if votes exceed a threshold, the story makes the homepage. And that threshold is based on what's already on the homepage.The upshot of these is that for Reddit and HN, your initial votes determine the results. Especially on reddit, where you can get stuff onto a subreddit (i.e. it shows up on the logged-in homepage of a subscriber to that subreddit), the initial votes prenough visibility to get to the next level.Social sites can't get much of an edge from tweaking the algorithm (though Reddit's comments improved noticeably after this: http://blog.reddit.com/2009/10/r...). My rule of thumb would be this: if a story has more points than any story submitted since, it is likely to make it to thehomepage, if it falls off the "new" page without hitting the homepage, it will probably not hit the homepage.But the reddit, Digg, and HN communities play a bigger role. Reddit likes content that can be gotten and voted on instantly (and tends to use voting as a social signal--"Upvote this if you can't stand BP/Obama/Atheists/God". Digg is prone to killing stories that severely irritate particular groups (as long as those groups aren't underrepresented on Digg). HN tends to be more intellectual (voting sends the signal "Yes, I read, understood, and enjoyed that. Wasn't hard."). HN also has more active moderators, and more people actively invested in maintaining the community.To succeed on Digg, make something theoretically offensive to a group with no constituency there (Microsoft users, the RIAA, Sarah Palin). With Reddit, do the same, but make it something that can be consumed and voted on in a couple seconds. On HN, write something that flatters the intellect--the easiest, fastest way to do that is to say something genuinely smart.Very few people at Digg, Reddit, or HN will click on ads. HNers have gotten in touch with me about freelance work and business stuff, though.Your mileage may vary.
What's the best way to use a personal cup at Starbucks? Can I ask them to fill my 20 ounce tumbler entirely when I order a venti (they have only been giving me 14 to 16 ounces), or do I just accept that using my own cup will lead to a loss?
I can tell you this as a former Starbucks partner: I was reluctant to completely fill a personal tumbler (Food Safety Standards required that the customer keep the lid, and we not handle it) because if it wasn't a Starbucks tumbler, I was unsure exactly how much room the lid would need. Some lids fit high, some come in very low. A very full personal mug that happens to have a low-fitting lid will inevitably cause some splash, onto the customer's hands, car, clothing, or what have you. And that is a danger. It's a safety danger and a liability danger. So myself and my partners would always leave some room there for safety's sake, even if it wasn't already requested for room for cream/sugar/etc.Here are some things you can do:If you're in-store, just hand them your mug and tell them you want it full. Then see how full it is and what they charge you. *Generally* we'd always charge for a grande if the tumbler was somewhere between a16-20oz capacity. And still fill it fairly full.If you're in the drive-thru, tell them you have a 20oz personal mug that you want FULL of coffee. Check it at the window when they hand it back to you, and feel free to ask them to top it off if it's not full enough.Order a venti. If your mug isn't returned to you full, ask them to top it off. A good Starbucks partner will have no problem with this.Do whatever you feel like, and let them know if it's not done the way you want it. Seriously. No sarcasm here. I'd have been glad to do this and would have preferred my customers tell me if things weren't to their liking, so I would have a chance to solve the problems and avoid the unhappy feelings a customer might walk away with.Good luck! Thanks for saving some paper cups!
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