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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing starbucks benefits login

Instructions and Help about starbucks benefits login

Okay great so in this lesson our goal would be to apply the SWOT framework in practice shouldn't be that difficult right the company we'll examine is Starbucks the well-known US coffee company and coffeehouse chain it was founded in Seattle in 1971 and operates in several countries around the world let's start with the company's strengths first almost everyone knows its brand right so it definitely has a strong brand recognition Starbucks has been proclaimed the most recognized coffee brand in the world quite an advantage regarding other companies in the industry the firm's brand is one offering of a differentiated product to customers which is coherent with its strategy in pricing clients have expressed they love the atmosphere in Starbucks coffee houses they can use free Wi-Fi and enjoy the coffee drinking experience to the fullest the company owns thousands of outlets around the world and its clients can find it even when traveling overseas that's a strong advantage as an insurer's loyal clients can remain such even overseas and finally Starbucks supply chain management ensures the quality of coffee served to customers is excellent the company chooses its suppliers carefully which improves the quality of its products and ensures clients receive a super coffee experience this is another choice in sync with its differentiation strategy ok very good let's take off our rosy glasses and consider some of the firm's weaknesses one could argue Starbucks offers the same product in all countries where it operates it does not customize it according to the different case of people in different geographies for some customers this is an issue and they prefer competitor products tailored to their specific geographical preferences in addition Starbucks has a premium price policy which is not in line with most customers expectations not all countries have enough middle and high-income class individuals who can afford to pay extra for their coffee weakness number 3 would be the high employee turnover the chains coffee shops have it is difficult to serve coffee as a premium product when the company's baristas have on the job for only a couple of weeks in terms of opportunities we can say the following Starbucks can access new countries easily it simply has to apply its existing business model in these new geographies emerging markets can be a great source of growth for the company Starbucks has also entered agreements within the entertainment industry and partnered with movie producing companies that can be a great opportunity for the firm - one of the biggest threats for Starbucks is the saturation of the American market which is where most of its outlets are located consumers are increasingly invested in healthier lifestyle and some substitute products a better positioned to capture the attention of the health-conscious clientele ok we'll stop here this is what a SWOT analysis looks like in practice the depth of the observations included in the analysis depends on the information we have about the company I'm sure.