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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing starbucks partner perks

Instructions and Help about starbucks partner perks

Hey guys what's up this is Kat and I've got about 30 minutes to film before the Sun Goes Down so here are some tips and tricks for your first month at Starbucks and how to be successful I hired the last week of December of 2021 and it has now officially been a month since I've been working there as an employee ah first of all when you get to work put your happy face on even if you don't feel like it you should smile and you should do your best to serve others you're not really getting paid a whole lot I mean it's fast food it's the service industry but you are making a difference in people's lives if you are looking to work at Starbucks you most likely have gone to Starbucks and had a pleasurable experiences and enjoy their products so you want to continue to pay it forward and to give other people a pleasurable experience there too so make it your purpose when you're at work at Starbucks to make somebody else's day better always serve always try to help and try to make people smile it's been proven that if you don't feel happy you don't feel like smiling but you smile anyway your body will just organically create the emotion of happiness so definitely definitely smile my second tip is to repeat new information over in your head at least five times when you first learn it so that will you commit it to memory for instance when I was taught about the brewing station as in where of the positions of the coffee are I repeat it over and over in my mind a blonde dark roast medium roast blonde dark hose medium roast and so on I just memorize it repeat it to yourself multiple times in a row so that you memorize it off the bat and you don't have to keep asking the same question over and over again it's gonna make you look like you care about your job and it's also going to earn you the respect of your co-workers and also your manager if you don't have to be told what to do you can kind of shake off that newbie essence quicker than if you're constantly having to ask the same thing over and over again tip number three tithes into tip number two and that is ask questions find somebody on your team on every shift who you know is friendly and will answer your questions in a teachable way you always want to make sure that you that you have access to the information that you need you don't want to be asking questions from somebody who doesn't have a good attitude or who constantly seems stressed out because you're gonna make yourself feel stupid and you're not gonna foster a good relationship with that person so really this goes back to your people skills where you're putting on.


Why do Starbucks employees (always, everywhere) seem so happy?
Why do Starbucks employees (always, everywhere) seem so happy? Is being a barista at Starbucks good for a first job? What are the perks of marrying you? What are the perks of dating you, summed up in a short paragraph? Do Starbucks employees get any special benefits/discounts? Which credit card accrues the most points at Starbucks? How do Starbucks regulars feel about the changes to the My Starbucks Rewards program, which go into effect today (October 16, 2012)? Which fast food chain in the US has the best mobile app? What is it like to work at Starbucks?
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