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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing starbucks medical

Instructions and Help about starbucks medical

Hey guys it's stage fibula in today I have another keto Starbucks video for you guys so if you want to see how i order my the keto I think it's called Aikido white tea drink I think it was called stay tuned Music all right guys so I'm about to hit the stop buttons right now to get this drink this is a very impromptu video because as you can see I don't even have any makeup on I was like you know about to order this drink I might as well record it for you guys so you can see how I order it this is the first time that I'm ordering this drink I don't know if it's good or not but we're gonna find out so let's head to Starbucks real quick I forgot to mention like that I've already launched my clothing line I don't know why but I just keep forgetting to mention it in YouTube videos but I've launched my clothing line I'm actually wearing a shirt right now Michelle you you see what am i shirt this is the one of my shirts that says keto as so far my Aikido goes but I do have other stuff I do have other like shirts and stuff but this is just a shirt that I'm wearing today so if you want to go ahead and support me go ahead and click the link in my description to check out my clothing line ok can I get a iced venti white tea no water let me get a little bit of heavy cream in there no cane sugar and sugar-free vanilla syrup and then can I get two scoops of strawberries in there as well yeah that's it just make sure there's no like the simple syrup Kenyan sugar in there and that's it thank you these keto drinks are always so hard to order like I know my stop be getting like pissed off and annoyed okay so I had to pull over so I could show you guys the drink alright so this is the drink here and it looks really pretty you can see the strawberries in there now I'm pretty sure the strawberries add a little bit more carbs in there I'm not sure if these strawberries are like kept in like a sugar syrup I'm not sure but I saw someone else that's keto on on Instagram tried to drink so I'm assuming that this isn't like a sugary syrup you know thing but I would probably check I probably should've checked but if you're gonna order this I would check you know if you're really worried about you know the negligible amount of carbs are in the strawberries alright so now that I have the tea let's go ahead and see how this tastes now I've never ordered this before I've had the keto pink drink I've had another keto drink I've never had this drink so.